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Ekaterina Soyuznova

Creator of Webcomic

Ekaterina holds a degree in BFA Illustration (UAL), as well as a Master's in SCAD, Atlanta. She has developed her character and story art skills while working on various animated and live-action short films which lead her to create a passion project that u got familiar with - Monster pet. She is motivated, hardworking, and an individual with a great passion for what she does.

"As an emerging artist, I personify the qualities of a happy, yet hard-working workaholic. I love what I do and put my heart into every new project. I love drawing comics because they're not only a window into a fantasy world but also a mirror of one's emotions. Using humor can sometimes be the best way to heal oneself or those around you. I enjoy coming up with new ideas for each of my characters and want them all to be different and special in their own way. Monster Pet's characters live sometimes very odd lives, filled with cooking mishaps, secret superhero adventures, and so on. They were born out of my desire to create something fun, colorful, cozy, and fantastical that provides rich material for adults and children alike to indulge themselves in. Spending time developing these characters has been such an unexpected joy for me!"

Enrique Rosado

Main Writer

Enrique has been at the heart and soul of our WebComics almost since the start. Got any questions about Monster Pet and what we’re all about, Enrique is your go-to source. "PS: "At this point, he knows more about the characters than I do."

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